RockTape kinesiology tape

RockTape is a kinesiology tape that is cotton based, stretchy, and made to stay in place a few days. RockTape is different than the classic white athletic tape. The classic white athletic tape is very stiff, and it functions to stabilize and immobilize joints.

When RockTape is applied to the skin, it starts lifting up the tissues beneath the tape. This acts as a decompression therapy. Decompression therapy with RockTape can be helpful with inflammation and bruising. It can also be helpful with edema. 

The decompression of the RockTape can be use for pain management. Reduction of pain may be from reducing mechanical pressure on the nerve endings. Chronic musculoskeletal pain can be associated with a decrease in the sliding and gliding of fascial tissues. (Fascia is the covering on top of each muscle.) Applying RockTape can create decompression in the muscle layers and help with muscle glide. 

RockTape can also help with movement pattern corrections. Since RockTape has a stretch to the tape, the tape can be applied to provide a specific stretch force to the skin and connective tissues. This can provide input back into the nervous system, and help to correct movement patterns.