Homework for Your Muscles

Workouts and training sessions are important, but recovery is just as important. If you don't take care of your body post training session, you'll be more prone to injury. No one likes getting hurt! 

Here are the 3 things that Dr. Emily thinks are key tools for muscle homework:

  1. The Stick
  2. Lacrosse ball
  3. Water
tools for muscle homework

The stick is great for rolling out muscles. Rolling out muscles? What does that mean? Rolling out muscles is a way to elongate your muscle fibers. It helps to work on muscle trigger points (muscle knots/kinks), too. This helps to keep the muscle fibers relaxed, happy, and functioning optimally. Dr. Emily also recommends foam rolling, but the stick is nice because it is smaller and easy to stash in your briefcase/backpack/large purse. This means you can easily pack it to take care of those sore muscles during some down time in the office. Reading emails in the office? You can use the stick on your leg muscles. Here are some tips on how to use The Stick on your muscles. 

The Stick Instructions

The Stick is great for broad muscle relief, but sometimes you just have that spot that hurts deeper that the stick can't get. That's where the lacrosse ball comes into play. Dr. Emily likes using the lacrosse to roll out the bottoms of her feet. To do this, just place the lacrosse ball under your foot (like below), and move your foot back and forth on top of the ball. 

Lacrosse Ball Foot Massage

You can also use this on the sore spots in your legs or gluteal region. Find those sore spots rolling on top of the ball, and just hang out on them. Let your muscles just release and relax on top of the ball. Don't neglect your upper body, too! 

Lastly, don't forget to hydrate! It's easy to remember to drink water after exercise, but after working out the muscles with The Stick or a lacrosse ball, you also need to hydrate. Drink a lot of water to help flush out the muscles.